Software agents have recently become one of the most fastest growing areas in information technology. The book introduces us to software agents used in E-commerce, the potentials, possibilities, prototypes, and of course limits and risks in using the agent technology.

Theoretical basis and practical examples from the projects are used to simulate an agent-based marketplace in Java. Some practical advice on how to implement a software agent are given in foreground.

The enclosed CD contains a limited licensed version of the commercial agent system "Living Agents Runtime System" along with the Java classes from the book.

Software Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, E-Commerce, Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce, Automated Negotiation
From the contents: Software agents in microeconomy; Implementation surroundings; Digital Business Agents; Coordination problem in the electronic marketplaces; Coordination in a multi-agent system; The future of the agent-based marketplaces; Bibliography; Index.