B2B-OS is realized in JAVA 1.2 and uses the ORB class library LARS 3.2. All agents are independent JAVA threads. The system architecture consists of three basic classes, the marketplaces, trader agents, and one experiment control object.
The agent class defines communication abilities and negotiation protocols. All agents are based on standardized concepts of JAVA, and distinguishable by a unique identity.

The electronic marketplaces are based on Java Virtual Machines (JVM), which run as a server process in a TCP/IP-based network and are identifiable by a unique IP port address. In order not to interfere with the negotiation process of the software agents, the functions and services of the object are kept to a minimum.

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 (SP 5), 2000, XP; min Intel Pentium 166 MHz; 12 MB RAM, recommended 48 MB RAM; Linux on Intel Pentium Platform, Kernel 2.2.12, recommended 48 MB RAM.

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